Dangler – The Fishing Website That Should Not Of Launched Yet!

We have been following Dangler since the announcement that the trio had secured a half a million pound investment to turn their idea of an eBay type fishing website into reality but after a week into launch how does it fare?

Dangler Secures £500k investment

Dangler Secures £500k investment

What is Dangler?

Dangler is an online marketplace where carp, sea, pike, match, fly items can be sold, similar to eBay or tackle trader where you submit items for sale.

Dangler Costs?

Dangler offers free listing fees, but charges a small commission fee of 7% (+2.4% Transaction fee) per listing sold.

Dangler Costs

Dangler Website Layout

The website and branding are really well thought out, it is clean, easy to navigate and really fast. You can see they have spent a lot of time and effort into this aspect of the site.

Dangler website

Launching Dangler

So after following Dangler for 8 months and being a part of the beta testing what do we think? We are going to be honest and say that it should not of been launched, why you may ask?

For a start go to the homepage and click on the manufacturers logo’s, as you can see they all lead to an empty page as there is just no content on the site.

They have listed all the top brands and push them throughout the site without having any of those products for sale which will lead to putting people off before they have even started.

It also defies us why they have not secured some of the tackle shops who have not got a website to list there products for free just so there is content on the site. At the moment of writing this there is 151 listings across the 5 categories of fishing, 53 of those being different flavours of glugs.


We really do hope Dangler can use some of the half a million on advertising and get it up and running properly instead of having a “V8 GT Mustang with no Petrol” as we genuinely think it is a good platform.


What are your thoughts ?

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