Gemini Tackle Tidy Booms

It has been a while since we last reviewed anything from the Gemini stable, that case being their very impressive hooks. This time around they have sent us the latest addition to their Tidy Boom range. For those of you who haven’t seen the product before, they feature Gemini’s Fused Bond technology to create a double-looped boom. So far they have amassed a range of five different booms to cover a multitude of situations, with this, the sixth, specifically aimed at the rig of the moment, the Ronnie, or Spinner. Each one comprises either a 5½ or 7-inch length of 30lb BS 100% fluorocarbon with a 6mm fused loop at each end, one of which bears one of Gemini’s new Spinner Swivels. As a brief aside, if you are unsure of a pattern to suit the rig, I heartily recommend you take a look at their Aquiline hooks. This is a conventional curve-shank pattern, made from High Carbon steel with a PTFE coating. And from memory, the long, straight point is needle-sharp! By way of the fusion manufacturing process, you are left with a far sleeker, neater finish on the loops, which will undoubtedly aid your presentation. What’s more, the Fused Bond creates a finish far stronger than any conventional knot. One last plus point of note regarding the process is that due to the lack of unsightly tag-ends, the addition of anti-tangle sleeves and small PVA sticks to complete the rig is no trouble at all. As mentioned above, there is a choice of two boom lengths available, either 5½ inches, or a slightly longer one of 7 inches. Both of which are supplied in packs of three.

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