Lock Down Pointers

April 27, 2020

Over the last few weeks, it’s been a difficult situation for us as Anglers under these lockdown conditions. Not just in the UK but throughout the World within the angling community, staying occupied when we are missing out on something we all feel so passionate about is not something that can just be done from home. Angling!!

What we would all give to wake up under a brolly or bivvy watching the Spring mist rise off a flat calm lake. Looking like a perfect mirror with all the tree-lined banks reflecting into the rich water, Seeing the rises and rolls at first light, ready to see what the day ahead brings. So let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that we are all out of these sad times soon.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you have all cleaned and tidied your tackle a few times over along with feeding up your chosen pop-ups and hook baits. But something that is a massive advantage that can be done now to save lots of time and effort is to do as much research as possible on your chosen venue for this coming season which I slightly touched on in my latest “Top Tip” video at Kodex Tackle for when we all get back out there. It may well be a giant reservoir, A several Hundred-acre gravel pit or an intricate small pond and something I will go into more detail about.

Firstly get yourself a map of the lake, Many fisheries have these on their websites or Google Earth is excellent for this. One of its great features is that you can use the tools on the programme to accurately measure distances.

So my first point would be measure from the bank in all swims and pegs to features, Islands, Far margins, Tree-lined areas so you know if they are castable, Need a bait boat or rowing boat so you can put these measurements into wraps, yards or meters ready for clipping up on your reels. Mark these down in figures on a drawn up or printed map with the information you have gained, Log distances to snags, Peninsula’s, Bays and bars, The list goes on but a huge helping hand.

Secondly, research the residents themselves and jot down your findings in a notebook exactly what Carp the venue holds, Weights of fish, How many times a year a certain fish graces the banks or maybe your Angling for a few unknowns which still holds that amazing sense of magic. Also what areas of the lake certain fish come from and at which time of year. If possible, find out under what weather conditions, As from experience I have caught fish from the same areas which have been previously captured by another Angler in the same associated part of the lake with very similar weather conditions. Another important factor is to mark down compass points on your map which will help you determine wind direction for understanding watercraft.

Also, look at if the lakes have a shallow and deep end? Deeper spots out in open water?

Although it’s hard to find out exactly without being there, Google Earth sometimes gives you a good idea with colour shading on its maps of lighter and darker areas. Most of the time you can figure out gravel spots or plateaus along with Weedy parts at certain times of the year and as long as the map is up to date.

In these quiet periods it’s a great opportunity to research bait for your venue, Do they prefer a fishmeal bait? Or something more neutral like the Coconut Mainline Baits Cell of which I have had massive success. Do the Carp in the venue have a track record of being captured on one typical type of boilie? Or perhaps they accept the particle approach more confidently. This is all building up to creating that larger image so it’s well worth researching previously caught fish to save wasting time trying all sorts of baits and tactics to no avail.

Lastly not that it will help now but download a decent weather App and compass for the forthcoming times. I use the Met Check App and its the most accurate one I’ve used over the years to keep me ahead of the game.

As you can see all these key points are time-saving factors starting to build a bigger picture up for the exciting times to come, and once they are all pieced together this will be saving you a lot of effort once done. Now working towards your main goal, Not eating away at your important bank time, As some of these imperative tasks could take Weeks, Months or even Years instead of concentrating on your fishing.

At least when we are all back out in the elements we can be focused on watercraft, fish spotting and gaining some of our lost bank time back.

I wish you and your families well, Stay in, Stay safe and let’s all look forward to the exciting future ahead.

Good Luck in your fishing for 2020 wherever you may be.

Until Next Time


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