Fishing at White Acres Parkdean, Cornwall Review

About White Acres Parkdean

“Anglers at White Acres are guaranteed a bite, with a fantastic choice of 13 naturally spring fed lakes. There’s a wide variety of fish to catch from roach and rudd to carp and catfish, as well as lots of great features around our lakes, so it’s easy to see why we’re one of the UK’s premier fishing destinations!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert angler, our lakes provide a great place to cast a line for all abilities. Explore our map below to find out all the fantastic features of each of our lakes, including the variety of fish on offer.”

White Acres Park Dean Fishing spots map


On arrival the check in process was made very easy, being given clear directions and information on our accommodation, we made our way to the lodge and unloaded the hired van of anything non fishing related. We have learned from experience that the use of a transit van for the fishing equipment is extremely beneficial, as we are able to leave all the gear in the van, therefore not stinking the lodge out with the smell of wet nets and slings etc. (Something some members of our party are not very keen on).

The fishing itself at White Acres accommodates a huge variety of lakes and ponds catering for almost every type and style of angling. There are lakes to cover match, specimen and pleasure angling. The specimen lakes, Nelsons and Pat’s Pool, both contain a good head of carp and catfish. Nelsons has produced carp to 28lb and cats to 50lb whereas Pat’s Pool has produced carp to 35lb and cat’s to 70lb.

The fish we caught on Nelson’s came to the usual methods, short blow back rig fished with a shaved milk berry pop up that has been corked out and filled with putty inside to make it act as a wafter. I chose to use a 4 inch length of supple braid with a 2.5oz in line lead. This was placed in a small pva bag, filled with crushed milk berry boilies and a healthy dose of gloo. This was fished tight to the far margins that I had been baiting for 2 days prior to fishing. This gave the fish time to move in on the spot and get comfortable with feeding on this marginal shelf.

The fishing on Pat’s Pool was slightly different, with the lake being the same size, but deeper in places I opted to find a silty hole and some lake depressions to hunt down a big carp or cat. The temperature started to drop while we were there, so I knew the fish would be moving in to the deep water . By walking around and talking to everyone on the lake I could see it would be a challenge. So I planned to do the same thing as I did on Nelson’s, walking around dropping some bait on selected spots finding deeper holes. I chose to use a 2oz lead on a Ronnie rig, fished with a milk berry pop up and catapulting out 15mm and 10mm milk berry boilies around it. The reason I like using the milk berry so much is because its a really pungent smelling bait and has high attraction with all the amino’s and minerals in it. The bait works for you if you can get on a lake with nice fish in it, the Bait Hacks range is an excellent starting point but with a little work and experience you can develop a very successful fishing strategy to help your catch rate increase.

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