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Wraysbury 1 South RK Leisure is a carp lake based in Wraysbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around 700 carp and is 80 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 40lb+

Following on from five fantastic years of angling on the smaller North Lake, RK Leisure are delighted to announce that following substantial work throughout 2020, fishing will soon be permitted across the majority of the much larger South Lake too.

Our hardworking team of staff and voluntary bailiffs have devoted vast amounts of their valuable time during the lockdown periods we have all had to endure over the course of this torrid year. With a whole host of newly refurbished swims in place around the perimeter to boot. There is even an island with its own access via a bridge, that can be used for exclusive bookings should you wish.

The lake has become something of an anomaly during our tenure, with only sporadic periods of fishing allowed over the past eight years, most of which took place through the winter months. Of late a very small minority from the North Lake syndicate have had the occasional, brief foray around its banks, but even then they haven’t been overly forthcoming on their own personal successes and therefore precious little has come its way in terms of publicity, particularly across the social media platforms that are so prevalent in this modern age.

Without question there is still a retained element of mystery with more than the occasional sighting of very large carp by bailiffs passing over the areas we initially fed the stock from by boat. And whilst the young stock have yet to reach the heady heights of their siblings in the North side, they are coming on in leaps and bounds as the lake starts to see more and more bait from an increase in angling and it shouldn’t be too long before they too are pushing up to and past 40lb barrier.

There are already a handful of documented fish well past 30lb in weight, with 2020 recording both mirrors and commons over 35lb – and it is these fish, along with the handful of original fish sighted by our staff, that will lead the charge as the south side of Wraysbury 1 now enters a new era.
Despite its superior size, the South Lake doesn’t have quite so many swims as its smaller neighbour, therefore it will undoubtedly become a highly desirable and sought-after ticket in years to come as it offers the perfect blend of five-start facilities and fast-growing, pretty stock, alongside an opportunity to angle in a much more wild and rugged environment where you may not see another person – even if they are there!

Mary’s Point, Root Nightmare, Bryant’s Bay, the Dredger and the infamous Douglas Lane, the list could go on, but it reprises some of the most evocative names and memories from halcyon days on what was for a number of years, the country’s finest carp fishery, at a time when very few even dared to tread its banks.

700 carp
40+ lbs mirror carp
34+ lbs common carp
28+ lbs pike
12+ lbs tench
3+ lb perch

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Wraysbury 1 South RK Leisure
Wraysbury 1 South RK Leisure
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