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Waggoners Wells Grayshott Angling Club is a carp lake based in Grayshott, Hampshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 2 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 20lb+

Species Present:  Carp to 30lbs, Tench, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon, Brown Trout and Eels.

Historic Waggoners Wells dates back to the 17th Century where it is believed the lakes were constructed for use as “Hammer ponds” to support the local iron industry at the time. The venue consists of three lakes each feeding into each other with the best fishing present in the bottom and middle lakes with the top lake nearest the car park reserved for dog swimming.

The bottom and middle lakes hold stocks of the original Leany Carp strain introduced into the Lakes some 60+ years ago with many specimens exceeding 20lbs.

In addition both lakes are well stocked with other species Gudgeon, Perch, Tench and truly top class Roach fishing with many specimens in excess of 1lb + falling to float fished sweetcorn and bread flake. The middle lake is also home to some large pike and Eels for the patient angler who is prepared to put in the time to capture these elusive specimens. The venue is closed and observes the traditional close seasons from the 15th March re-opening on the 16th June.

Fishing is from dawn until dusk with no night fishing on the venue.

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Waggoners Wells Grayshott Angling Club
Waggoners Wells Grayshott Angling Club
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