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Turbary Carp Syndicate is a carp lake based in Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 20lb+

An area rich in history, heritage and wildlife. With the lakes name coming from the ancient right to cut turf, or peat, for fuel on a particular area of bogland. Turbary lake was originally dug for its peat and then clay-lined for recreational use.

The lake was sold to the current owner for grazing livestock and fishing. Work started in 2019 on creating an outstanding unique carp lake, where the bottom of the lake and all its contours were designed and built by passionate anglers.

Turbary lake boasts underwater air stones for silent yet effective aeration, gully’s, gravel bars, channels, islands, shallows, deep holes and the lake even has a waterfall surrounded by palm trees.

Turbary is fenced so it’s safe from predation and has secure parking.

The carp all look different and we have linear, fully scaled, leather, two-tone, long commons, commons with huge frames, plus some truly unique looking carp.

Turbary is not a runs water, it’s a specimen carp water set in beautiful countryside and the whole site has been designed from the lakebed up with no expense spared by passionate anglers who all shared the same vision to create a lake like no other…


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Turbary Carp Syndicate
Turbary Carp Syndicate
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