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Theale 1 Theale Fisheries is a carp lake based in Sheffield Bottom, Reading, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 20 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 43lb+

Theale 1 is a mature 20+ acre gravel pit nestled between the River Kennet and Clay Brook and after years of neglect is being developed as a carp syndicate lake with the aim of becoming one of the best ‘English carp’ fisheries in the country.  With an ambitious programme of improved fishery maintenance and development we believe we are on the road to something special.

A hard path now runs all along Brook Bank and the snags area and a continuation along Canal Bank is planned.  The construction of swim fronts and steps has been completed with 26 swims on the main part of the lake and a further 5 ‘day only’ swims in the snags area.

We have now stocked 360 of our own stunning hand selected English fish, mostly mirrors with a few exceptional commons. From the first stocking of 300 fish from 8-16lb in 2012/13 we have one hundred and sixty two ‘twenties’, fourty six ‘thirties’and two ‘fourties’; the largest currently being ‘Whitetips’ at 43lb. A further stocking of fifteen fish from 8-12lb  took place in 2016; eleven of these are now ‘twenties’ and four are ‘ thirties’ to 36lb +. Another stocking took place in November 2018 with fourty eight fish added between 14lb and 21lb; twenty five of these are now ‘twenties’ and three ‘thirties’ to 38lb+ and the most recent stocking in February 2021 saw four low ‘twenties’ added.

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Theale 1 Theale Fisheries
Theale 1 Theale Fisheries
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