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The Serpentine is a carp lake based in Brown Edge, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 17 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

The Serpentine is a 17-acre lake that is situated in Greenway Bank Country Park, Staffordshire. This water varies in size and depth, depending on which part of the pool you are. The section nearest the dam is the largest part of the lake with depths going down to 26ft in places. The middle section of the lake starts to decline in width but depths still go down to around 14ft. The last section, known as the shallows, is at the western end of the pool. This is where the pool is at its narrowest, and as the name suggests, the depths, particularly in front of peg 1 are very shallow (compared to the rest of the lake), rarely exceeding 6ft. The bottom of the pool is made up of mostly silt. There are several large snags in the lake, but these do provide some excellent fishing spots. There are currently 29 pegs on the pool. These pegs are in general, quite comfortable, although access to some pegs can be awkward. Please take care when accessing these pegs. The pool perimeter is surrounded by trees and bushes apart from
the dam wall which is grassed over. The trees encroaching onto the pegs are regularly maintained by the team of bailiffs who patrol the lake on a regular basis. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the pool is one of the most picturesque places in the local area and is definitely worth a visit for that reason alone.

Known Species
There are Roach running well into 3lb+, Perch touching 4lb and Bream into double figures. There is large carp present, many of which are over 20lb, with the biggest known as Big Linear. The current weight of this fish is around the 32lb mark depending on the time of year. These large carp are backed up by 80 young carp (5-10lb) stocked in late 2007. We hope these fish will very soon be well into double figures pushing for 20lb+.

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