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The Mill Wellingborough Lakes is a carp lake based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 21 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 45lb+

This 21 acre gravel pit runs long ways west to east with a three cornered island in the middle which splits the lake in two, there are two long banks 500m with the ‘North bank’ and ‘South bank’ home to the twenty four swims.
The ‘west side’ is generally weedier with depths down to thirteen feet while the ‘east side’ has depths down to nineteen feet, with the shallow margins the Lock bay and Pylon bay weeding up in the summer months.
Fish can be caught from all over the water and they still follow the wind, in time with more angling pressure this may change.
The island has three points the North point is around 50m from the North bank, the West point is around 40m from the South bank and the East point is around 65m from the South bank.
The lakes margins are surrounded with common reed mace and bull rushes and a little further up the banks there are trees and bushes dotted around.
The bigger fish present have been growing every year since we have known the water.
We are proud of the fact the fish are all English nene valley carp with seventy different fish going over the thirty pounds mark with 15 making 40-50lb+ before, add to that around 40 twenty pound plus carp.
For twenty one acres there are around one hundred and thirty carp swimming around which is a low stock ratio to other waters but we hope the carp will keep growing at there present rate.
A testament to the quality of the water is the size of the bream and tench that have been caught with only a handful gracing the bank tench to twelve pounds and bream to sixteen pounds plus you know things are going in the right direction.
There is also plenty of pike around with the biggest coming out at twenty three pounds, I am sure with some serious pike fishing over the coming winters bigger fish will grace the banks.
We have stocked a quantity of Dinton strain stockies into this water over the last 16 years, we do not plan to stock any more for the foreseeable future.

Carp Stock Quantities 20 x 15-19lb, 40 x 20-29lb, 55 x 30-39lb, 14-16 x 40-50lb.

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The Mill Wellingborough Lakes
The Mill Wellingborough Lakes
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