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Sandmere Lake Syndicate is a carp lake based in Southminster, Essex, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 2 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

The Sandmere Complex is a small friendly Syndicate and consists of three small gravel
pits deep in the Essex Countryside just 25 miles from Chelmsford (near Burnham on Crouch)
Each lake offers a peaceful fishing retreat where you can relax and fish uninterrupted
The lakes, although similar in size (2 acres) are completely different in character.  One.
being shallow with islands, snags and reeds, the others are deep with bars, plateau’s and
gin clear water offering the angler a wide variety of techniques to try and catch its quarry

There are 25/30 beautiful carp in each lake at present, most of which have been hand
selected for scale patterns and body shape, so every carp will look completely different.
They are all young fish and are between 15lb to 35lb+ with many new 20lb fish coming
through. The low stocking level means the fishing may be a little tricky at times but
the fish are far less stressed and they look and fight so much better for it.

A good head of Mirror Carp  20lb+

At least 2 Common Carp 30lb+

Our own grown on Carp between 15lb and 20lb

Addition to this we are in a very lucky position to have on order from VS Fisheries, 15 C5 Carp between 13lb and 16lb. For those of you that don’t already know, these are some of the best looking Carp in the country, and are known as the Sovereign Strain Fish.

Our aim for Sandmere is to create one of the best fishing venues in Essex, where all the fish are different, so you never know what you might catch.

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Sandmere Lake Syndicate
Sandmere Lake Syndicate
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