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North Lake Eden’s Lakes is a carp lake based in Saint-Pierre-le-Bost, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 60lb+

The North Lake is Eden’s Lakes number one specimen lake and at just over 5 acres in size is an out and out specimen big fish water.

While it’s the most difficult and more technical lake on the complex to fish… it is therefore not for the faint -hearted. It is very hard to give advice in advance on the North Lake as it is always changing day to day,  week to week but that’s the challenge that we desire for a big fish venue. Dene will always be on hand give you the help, advice and his knowledge & experience as needed. All swims have various features and spots in front of them be it lumps, bumps, holes, silt beds, gravel patches and hard clay/sandy areas, it is also the most rewarding lake, with the average size of carp in excess of 45.00lb+ with several more 60lb+ fish upto 69.14lb and a very very good head of back up 50’s and 40’s and a fair few 30’s to go at. Nice beds of particle and pellets with a few chopped/whole Krill boilies works very well either to tight beds of spombed mix or using baitboats. North lake has 1 bank that has a single, a double and then two more single swims on one bank all made with bulky timbers with layers of hardcore and stone for good drainage and nice soft gravel on top for your bivvies. It is also great as a social bank and there is a natural grass swim for single/double on the back side of the lake. The North Lake can be for single, pairs or small groups to 5 anglers or exclusive bookings.

NEW FOR 2018

We have added a few more fish ranging between 30lb to 40lb for the 2018 season that have been grown on our complex to complement an already impressive North Lake stock. We have installed electric charging points behind the main North lake bank swims which are only suitable for charging baitboats/batteries, dvd players, laptops, I pads, mobile phones, for a small fee for the week if required. NOT SUITABLE FOR FRIDGES, FREEZERS or HEATERS so don’t bring them

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North Lake Eden’s Lakes
North Lake Eden’s Lakes
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