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Michèle’s Lake is a carp lake based in Hattigny, Grand Est, France. It has a stock of around 850 carp and is 50 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 60lb+

Within a 350 mile drive from Calais you will find Michele’s Lake in the beautiful Moselle-region. This 50 acre lake, surrounded by trees and fields is stocked with beautiful common-, mirror- and grass carp up to 60lb+. With the excellent facilities, safe parking and optional foodservice will you feel like home. We are very proud to present you Michele’s Lake. The carp fishing venue that offers a good chance of catching big carp and enjoying plenty of fishing space!

The carp stock is really exciting! With 850 carp in the lake and a minimum of 30 carp over 40lb and the biggest mirror over 60lb, Michele’s Lake is a venue with big carp and a big stock!

In November 2017 the owner of Michele’s Lake added over 200 carp. These have never been caught before and had the following up weights:

95 carp between 20 and 25lb

126 carp between 30 and 35lb

23 carp between 40 and 45lb

3 koi over 10lb

With a carp stock of this size, we can ‘almost’ guarantee action. Michele’s Lake is a perfect carp fishing venue for carp anglers who prefer some action with the possibility to catch big carp as well. Combined with the perfect facilities and the lovely bailiff Michèle will this be a perfect venue to bring family or non-anglers. The deepest part of the lake is the western side of the lake (between swim 1 & 10) and has a maximum of 9ft. The shallowest part of the lake is the southern side (between swim 7 & 8) and is a perfect spot for the warmer months. The bottom of the lake consists of a bit of mud with some harder spots and some small depth difference. If you’ll find this small spots it will definitely pay off! Be aware that the lake can be weedy! Adapt your fishing style if necessary and use pop-ups, chods, PVA bags etc.. These are really effective methods when fishing in weedy conditions.

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