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Merenye is a carp lake based in Merenye, Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary. It has a stock of around carp and is 275 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 100lb+

Merenye is truly one of our most unique lakes and is a household name among carp anglers in Eastern Europe. The name, Merenye, has become synonymous with all that is big, beautiful, and wild about carp angling. There is so much action on this lake, both during daytime and nighttime, that it will surely keep you on your toes. This lake holds record carp weighing up to 101lb! The Carp Specialist is extremely proud to offer 5 VIP swims on this lake that include luxury accommodation and all-inclusive service. The hosts and caretakers in Merenye speak fluent English and Dutch and are experienced carp anglers themselves so they will be able to give you some tips upon arrival. This lake is truly the ultimate angling experience; not only is it one of the top lakes to fish in Hungary, but it is available with incredible accommodations and hospitality! Please note: The price shown is for 2 anglers including accommodation and not the all-inclusive price, this will be added after confirming with the lake owner.

The fish stock in Merenye is exceptional and extremely large; more than 100 carp per week are regularly caught per swim. The fish here feed strongly and regularly; so creating large feeding areas and fishing at different distances are the tactics that are often successful in catching a lot on this lake. However, to catch larger carp, we recommend using bigger baits and fishing outside of your baited areas. We also recommend that you bring waders or high boots in order to catch and release the fish more easily.

Merenye has a mix of common and mirror carp, as well as some grass carp of good sizes. The average weight of the carp population is estimated to be about 22lb, though there are plenty of 35lb and  45lb+ carp. There are at least 25 known carp that are 55lb+ and three carp which weigh in at over 65lb swimming in Merenye. The top fish in Merenye is a real prize and weighed in at 101lb when it was caught in September 2020!

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