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Lago Alfarofia is a carp lake based in Elvas, Portalegre District, Portugal. It has a stock of around carp and is 60 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 50lb+

Would you like the ultimate carp fishing experience in a sunny and warm country? A country that has hosted the World Carp Fishing Championship, yet remains a relatively untouched carp fishing destination? Do you like carp fishing year round? Then read on…

We are incredibly happy to introduce the incredible Lago da Alfarófia, commonly called Alfarófia, as a new destination for our guests. This exotic fishing paradise spans 6.5 hectares of pure and fertile ares in the lush green province of Alto Alentejo, Portugal. This region is commonly known as the bread basket of Portugal and is known for the many cork oaks, cast grain fields, figs, and olive trees. Yes, you read that right: Portugal! This lush holiday country is widely known for its colourful cities, sunny coasts, rich history, fascinating culture, diverse landscapes, and decadent gastronomy.

Alfarófia, Portugal lies just inside Portugal along the Spanish border, west of Mérida. The lake itself is located on a 90 hectate estate mainly comprised of lush rice fields and is privately owned by third generation rice farmer, João Carlos Claudino and his son Fabio. João Carlos Claudino speaks English and works with his assistant, Arturo Mato Gomez, to ensure that all of their guests experience a daily dose of the world reknowned Portugese hospitality. They personally strive to give every guest an unforgettable fishing holiday.

While enjoying your carp fishing holiday at Alfarófia, you can fully immerse yourself in an enchanting cultural and outdoor experience. While fishing for carp, you can expect some exotic by-catches such as the Iberian Barbels and Black Bass. If you wish, you can also step away from the water for a time and explore the surrounding area and nearby cities. There is an Aqua Park within walking distance that makes for a perfect afternoon or day trip with the kids. The medieval town of Elvas is also located close by and this magical city of forts and aquaducts will make you feel as if you have been transported back in time. You can enjoy incredible culinary delights in any of the Portuguese or Spanish fish and meat restaurants in Elvas. If you are feeling adventurous, you can cross the border to Spain and visit Mérida, a city that not only houses echoes of Roman heritage, but also the temples of Roman times that are open to visitors. The most interesting site to see near Alfarófia for many of our fishing guests is Alqueve, the largest lake in Europe. The lake and the marble quarries that surround it are located very close to Alfarófia.

The angler who prefers to stay with his rods and dedicate every minute to landing a catch can still enjoy amenities and beautiful scenery at the lakeside. After having coffee and watching storks on the terrace of your own accommodation, you can relax in a hammock in the shade and watch the rice being harvested across the lake. In the warm afternoon sun, you can spot kingfishers darting through the trees and make use of the outdoor showers to refresh and cool off.

Alfarófia is located within a stones throw of the Spanish border. It is so close to Spain that the largest Moorish area on the Spainish Extramadura, Badajoz, can be seen from the swim. The rich history of the Moors in the Middle Ages is tangible in the land around Alfarófia. The Claudino family has found many ancient coins and parts of medieval tools on their farm that are displayed around the family home.

Alfarófia is the perfect destination for the carp angler that wants to go on a trip with their family and alternate between fishing and going on fun day trips. You can spend the day at the water park with the kids, and throw the rods in while eating dinner on the terrace. Alternatively, you can fish for the entire day and relax with your family by the water, and then venture into town for an authentic Portugese dinner. The possibilities are endless and varied, making for the ultimate vacation with friends or family.

Upon the completion of the lake in May of 1992, around 1000 mainly “Spanish Royal” carp were released into Alfarófia. Approximately 700 of these original carp still survive today, though the exact population number is not currently known. In 1992, these carp were released for ecological purposes. It was not until years later than carp anglers fished the lake and discovered the incredible growth of the fish. Not only had the carp grown to significant sizes, but the fish that were caught were beautiful and often fully scaled.

Alforófia grew organically over the years from a simple water reservoir, to a popular carp lake among Spanish and Portugese anglers. More and more carp anglers from dar and wide have discovered the great pleasure to be experienced at this lake. Alforófia is a true jewel discovered by carp anglers themselves, and not at all promoted by the owners as they are not carp anglers themselves. In April 2019, 80 French carp were released into Alfarófia to diversify the fish population. This addition to the fish population mainly consists of mirror carp between 3 and 12 kg, with an average weight of 8 kg. Simultaneous to the original carp stock of 1992, the Claudino family also released 1000 Black Bass and 25-30 Iberian Barbels, which are now considered by anglers to be very welcome by-catch. João Claudino is therefore planning to release more Iberian Barbels in the future.

As far as we known, there are no bream or tench present in the lake. There are sunfish, some dwarf catfish, and pike up to 60cm in length. The famous record carp at Alfarófia is a beautiful Spanish Royal of 25.5kg and the second largest on record is a common carp weighing 24.5 kg. The average weight of the fish population is between 10 and 12 kg. There are estimated to be 10 carp weighing 20kg+  and 50 carp weighing between 12 and 19kg in Lago Alfarófia. You are allowed to fish for the Iberian Barbel, Black Bass and pike in addition to carp and we highly recommend doing so!

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