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Jurassik Carpe 1 is a carp lake based in Verneuil-en-Halatte, Hauts-de-France, France. It has a stock of around 1300 carp and is 118 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 70lbs+

Are you looking for a carp fishing holiday near Calais? Then the 250-acre domain ”Jurassik Carpe” is the right place for you! All three lakes are unique. Jurassik Carpe 1 offers everything that the experienced angler is looking for: only 22 anglers on 118-acres, depth variations between 3 and 21ft, weedy areas and an exciting carp stock with fish up to 71lb! Jurassik Carpe 1 will challenge you in all kinds of ways, but if you succeed, the rewards are priceless.

Jurassik Carpe 1 is the largest lake on Domaine d’Halatte, a property owned by a French family for some decades. Guillame started Jurassik Carpe in 2014. He has earned his stripes in carp angler and is well known as founder and owner of numerous fishing shops in France. Guillame developed Jurassik Carpe as an awesome estate for carp anglers. Jurassik Carpe 1 has 22 spacious swims for 1 or 2 anglers with a maximum of only 22 anglers in total. Every swim has at nearly 10 acres at its disposal!

The lake is fed by several sources and is located on the backside of the domain. The quality of the water and the amount of natural food in the lake is excellent. An increase in size and weight of the current carp is evident! The structure of the soil is a mixture of sand, gravel and light mud. Because of a large amount of weed, there is an abundance of natural food like larvae, insects and snails. The lakesides are tree lined, which made it also possible to have a catch very close to the bank!

The lake will challenge the angler, the reason for this is the weed growth, and however, with healthy and balanced carp stock there is certainly no low occupancy. With the approval of the manager, it may be possible to follow the carp and relocate to a free swim, increasing the chance of catching fish. Blanking is very rare, but still, we do emphasise that this lake is not suitable for novice anglers and that the use of a boat is a necessity. Experienced anglers will succeed at this lake. When you like a challenge, this lake has great opportunities for exquisite catches!

Although it is difficult to estimate the exact carp stock on such a large lake, we have a reasonable picture of the potential of Jurassik. With the biggest  caught over 70lb, Jurassik Carpe 1 is excellent for the serious carp angler who wants to take a chance on a new personal record. However, it is not a ‘big fish water’ purely, due to various expansions the fish stock is now well maintained and in general, nice numbers of fish got caught every week. Keep in mind that besides the big fish, there is also a large stock of younger fish swimming around on the lake of 20 – 30lb. Jurassik is not easy. Mainly because of the size and the existing weed and distance you fish from.

The carp stock is very healthy and have enough natural food so they grow fast. Small stockings are made every winter to enlarge the fish stock and to keep it nicely balanced. In December 2015 Guillaume added exactly 200 carp with an average weight of 30lb to further enrich the stock. In December 2016 another 113 carps were put out with an average weight of 28lb. A stocking of 82 carp has been made in December 2019. In February 2021 60 carp between 10 and 18kg and 63 grass carp were stocked. The owner of Jurassik Carpe 1 estimates stock of about 1.300 carp, with a big mirror carp of 70lb and a 62lbkg common carp as top fish. It is estimated that there are 6 other carp over 55lb, more than 20 carp over 45lb and around 500 carp between 30 and 45lb. It is always possible to switch swims during the week after consultation with the manager on site. Fishing on Jurassik Carpe 1 is especially suitable for experienced carp anglers who know how to use a boat. Experience with the weed fishing is an absolute advantage. However, when you take on the challenge, you have the chance to catch beautiful fish!

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