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Heron Lake is a carp lake based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 3.5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 20lb+

Heron Lake is located in a quiet secluded area of the racecourse, 3.5 acres of high quality gin clear water and is securely otter fenced all around the perimeter of the lake.  The deepest area is around 31 feet, and the contours include a shelf which drops off  dramatically down to 30 feet. The lake was depth mapped in March 2019 and  a 2D image of this is detailed below. 

We understand that Heron Lake was stocked over 20 years ago with carp and was initially a match lake, but this only lasted a year or so.  Since then the original carp stocked have been left alone to their own devices to grow.  There are some very special fish in this lake as we have seen them during underwater filming sessions and also basking in the sun amongst the lily pads. 

We stocked this lake with over 50 English carp from Will Groves of Combley Fish Farm from the Isle of Wight.  They have been fed intensively on pellet and boilies and the weight gains this last year have been exceptional.  There have only been a few test fishing days since we stocked the lake, other than that we have allowed the carp to settle in, feed and grow. We then opened to members in May 2020.

Heron lake has 6 huge individual swims, all with their own individual character and a good amount of water to dip your rods in. We have been feeding every swim so the carp  are used to swimming around looking for food, rather than being fed in one area of the lake.  

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