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Handle Lake Mid Kent Fisheries is a carp lake based in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around carp and is 9 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

The Handle Lake is great for every type of fisherman. We have carp to high 30’s, pushing the 40lb mark, Tench well into double figures, pushing 12lbs, Bream around the 17lbs mark and Pike pushing mid 20’s. Pleasure anglers find them selves bagging 100lbs+ of fish in a session!

The venue is around 9 acres, with one bank fishing only. There is two gravel bars running through the middle of the lake, which at their highest point goes to 2 feet deep. Fishing over the bar into the gully which is around 6 to 8 feet deep is a good area. The far bank is a great area to position a bait.

The carp are constantly growing in size, there are a good head of 20’s and 30’s with them now pushing the 40lbs ‘s mark. This is also a very good Tench fishing venue, the famous Martin Bowler once done a 24 hour session on there, bagging 50 Tench, with 9 of them being over 9lbs.

The venue is also very well known for its bream, we have had bream to over 17lbs, with a very good head of doubles.

The carp are of exceptional quality, with a stunning strain of English fullys stocked around 10 years ago, these fish are ones for your photo album!

Paul Forward (Mr F), done his time on the Milton Lakes, the Handle being one of them, he described the fishing to be moderately easy. He also described the carp to be of “super quality”.

Paul once done a quick night after work, two hours into his session, he had bagged 5 carp, to 32lbs. Not bad for a quick night!

We have decided to allow bait boats on this venue alone. When using a boat please use common sense. Do not fish in areas where you will be unable to retrieve fish and do not go into other peoples water. We ask any members on the venue that find this rule being abused to please inform Chris (fishery manager).

The Handle is available both as a single and on the Gold Ticket, a key is required for the lake.

We do not have a close season on this venue; however, please expect swim/lake closures while the fish are spawning.  Feel free to contact us before you travel to the lakes to ensure they are open as usual.

The Handle members/Gold Ticket members  located to the right of the gate as you drive in, is a signing in shed, please can all handle members fill this book in.

There are toilets on both venues.

We done an interview with the famous Rob Hughes a few years ago, which gives some real helpful hints and tips on the Handle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIM5WNXi-c0

Size: 9 Acres

Average depth: 4 – 13 feet

Fish Stock: Carp 38lbs Tench: 12lbs Bream: 17lbs Roach/Rudd: 2lb Pike: 25lb

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Handle Lake Mid Kent Fisheries
Handle Lake Mid Kent Fisheries
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