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Domaine des Iles is a carp lake based in Offoy, Hauts-de-France, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 20 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 65lb+

Just over 1.5 hours, from Calais, you will find the idyllic carp fishing venue, Domaine des Iles. A lovely estate which is owned by the Caron family since the early ’60. The domain is well-known for its beautiful surroundings, big stock of carp and huge catfish up to 130lb! The lake is connected by various channels and the name ‘Domaine des Iles’ is based on the many islands it has. From 1990 onwards the estate has been opened up for carp anglers from the whole of Europe. It has become highly popular from then onwards: the carp have a high average weight and the heaviest commons and mirrors are caught at 66lb. Over the years, the channels between the Main Lake and Back Lake have been closed so that 2 different lakes are formed. The 20 acres Main Lake has a reputation for its big fish.

Next to a challenging carp stock, the Main Lake holds a large number of catfish. Particularly in the warmer summer months, these big fish are very active, and it may be helpful to adjust your bait choice. Catfish love pellets and other fishmeal based baits, if you don’t prefer a fight with these big monsters, it would be better to fish with sweet flavoured baits or particles. We would like to stress that the fishing on Domaine des Iles is not easy. Although the lake has a very good stock of fish, they have seen it all and angling pressure is abundant. Creativity in the used techniques, baits, set-ups etc. and good observation and knowledge of the bottom structure definitely pay off. Next to static angling, float angling has proven to be a very successful technique on the various channels!

Besides a challenging carp stock with carp up to 66lb, the Main Lake has a very large catfish stock. Especially in the summer months, they show themselves. Catfish love halibut pellets and other bait based on fishmeal, if you want to avoid these fighters (they have already been caught up to 200lb+ and 230cm) then you have to use sweet baits. We would like to emphasize that it is not easy at all. Although the lake has an excellent capacity in terms of numbers and weights, the fish is very familiar with the snags and trees down the bank. The active angler can also indulge himself here, because of all the side canals and stalking areas around the lake. It is advisable to fish with heavy equipment, to lock your slip & baitrunner and to stay close to your rods If you fish near the obstacles. On open water, you can find a lot of nice spots as well.

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