Cretelakes 1

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9 Acres

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80lb +


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Cretelakes 1 is a carp lake based in Bazoches-sur-Vesles, Hauts-de-France, France. It has a stock of around carp and is 9 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 80lb +

Cretelakes is a beautiful 5 lake venue set in 130 acres. The lakes are former gravel pits dug around the mid 1970s and around this time they were stocked with carp and other course fish.

The venue was left undisturbed to flourish and mature with its tree lined banks and stocks of fish for three decades, we secured the lakes and set about creating a carp fishing holiday complex that would be one of the best in France . After six months of tree removal and other obstacles 60 swims were created including 9 doubles across the 5 lakes. As the years passed the lakes were stocked with fast growing French carp including many 40lb+ fish and at present Cretelakes can boast some of the heaviest stocked lakes in France with literally hundreds of carp over 50lb, with many 60s a few 70s and the biggest residents over 80lb that are still growing year on year, Lake 5 alone holds over seven hundred 35lb+ Carp, so with stocking levels of this calibre Cretelakes is a firm favourite amongst anglers.

The onsite facilities at Cretelakes are excellent with a fully equipped kitchen, a large seating area with sky TV, a shop stocking those essential items including a large stock of bait, and a shower block housing 3 showers and 3 toilets. The showers are open 24 hours a day and can be used at your own convenience. There is also a toilet block located between lakes 3 and 4, there is a disabled toilet in the main clubhouse.

There are up to five bailiffs at Cretelakes and they will be on hand to cook the all important meals and look after your daily needs. They will help you find the best areas within your chosen pegs and be available to give advice on tactics and rigs etc.

Cretelake 1 is approximately 9 acres in size with depths of 5 -12 feet. There are many features in this lovely lake including bars, gullies, overhanging bushes, weed beds, and a large plateau in the centre of the lake.

There are ten swims and three of them doubles for those of you that require company, in this lake is around 400 carp with many 40lb + fish present, there are many 50s, at least twenty five 60s, a few 70s, and at least one 80lb+ fish. There are also large pike and most other course fish present including a few trout.

Many fish are taken from the snags around the margins and plateau in the middle of the lake, accurate casting and baiting to this plateau has produced huge numbers of fish.

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