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Chilham Mill Lake Syndicate is a carp lake based in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around 400+ carp and is 26 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 40lb+

Chilham Mill lake renowned among carp anglers for its stunning setting and large stock of specimen English Carp with at least Nine fish now over 40lbs with a further 80 plus fish above 30lbs followed closely by 300 over 20lbs, the lake also holds many specimen Bream ,Tench and Pike to 34lbs, the fish are still showing great growth rates and are catchable all year round, multiple catches being achieved including many thirties and some forty pound fish. We have continued to add genuine English carp to the lake that are real gems.
On a more personal note as the new owner of the Chilham Mill Estate,, in 2011 ,I have been truly stunned by the amount and quality of the fish caught during my tenure. Contrary to some reports I am a keen angler and as such I am determined to make sure that Chilham Mill remains the top water it is today.

The lake was dug in the late 1950s for gravel,  it was given a complete overhaul in  1998 with some £200,000  being invested in transforming this lake into one of the most idyllic waters in the UK. The water quality is outstanding due to the lakes six natural springs. This may help explain the incredible growth rates of the fish. There is a multitude of features such as islands, gravel bars, reed beds and shallows, it has been designed so that every angler has features in their swim.

Covering some 26 acres, this premier specimen venue offers everything the carp connoisseur requires.

For those that are not familiar with what Chilham Mill offers, here are some brief details. It is a stunningly beautiful twenty six acre spring fed lake with depths to eight feet. There is a wealth of features ,every one of the thirty two swims has features in front of it. There is car access to all of the swims. The stock levels are in access of four hundred carp with Twelve known forties. There are more than 90 carp over the thirty pound mark and Pike to 35lb.
The lake has had a major makeover all swims have been widened and straightened or rebuilt where necessary, the base of each swim has been scraped and 10mm stones added. There has been extensive work carried out to the track that surrounds the lake this has been widened and hardened. We have introduced an environmentally friendly aeration system to keep the dissolved oxygen levels high which keeps our fish feeding all year! We also reduced the number of trees that surrounded the lake as it was impairing the air flow and thus effecting the oxygen levels in the lake. An otter fence has been erected around the whole perimeter, this has not only protected us from otters but will keep the lake a secure environment in which to fish. We have an ongoing stocking policy in place, c5 carp were introduced in 2012 and 2013 , further stockings 2015, 2016 2018 and 2019 have taken place, The latest stocking of C6 and C7 fish were added in the  winter of 2020. Further fish will be added through 2022.

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Chilham Mill Lake Syndicate
Chilham Mill Lake Syndicate
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