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Bentley Carp Fishery is a carp lake based in Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom. It has a stock of around 80+ carp and is 3.5 Acres in size. The biggest carp is over 30lb+

Bentley is a 3.5-acre carp lake very much like estate lakes of old which sits nestled in the Essex countryside. The lake offers 7 purpose built swims giving each angler a large area of water with an abundance of features to fish to plus ample room for bivvies and equipment. Bentley Fisheries provides a unique experience in carp fishing, very private and quiet with tranquil views of woodland and fields. truly a fishermen’s dream.

The first thing you will notice about the carp lake is the attention to detail which is really something special. Willows sway majestically and beautiful lily pads carpet the lake as over 80 handpicked specimen carp swim below them. This Essex carp water boasts two islands and tree-lined banks with large overhanging features specifically to give each fisherman their own private area of the lake. Bentley Fishery in Essex is extremely well established and therefore to catch many of these stunning Bentley carp we recommend bait boats to reach the prime hot spots that will have your reel screaming.

This carp lake in Essex offers fisherman beautiful surroundings as well as a lake stocked with over 80 quality English Carp. From flawless commons to beautifully scaled mirrors to over 30lb’s this Carp lake provides some of the finest fish you would ever want to catch.

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