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Wildmoorway Ln,South Cerney,Gloucestershire,GL7 5UZ
114 Acres

Woolpack Fishery

Cow Ln,Godmanchester,Cambridgeshire,PE29 2EJ


Meadow Drove,Earith,Cambridgeshire,PE28 3SA
25 Acres

Hauxton Carp Syndicate

87 Church Rd,Hauxton,Cambridgeshire,CB22 7QU
2.5 Acres

Andersons St ives Fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
3 Acres

Fjords St ives Fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27 4YA
10 Acres

Ivo St Ives Fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
0.5 Acres

Lagoon St Ives

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
30 Acres

Long Reach St Ives Fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
30 Acres

Wellington Country Park

Wellington Country Park,Reading,Berkshire,RG7 1GL
35 Acres

Meadow St ives Fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
50 Acres

Shallow St Ives fishery

Meadow Ln,Saint Ives,Cambridgeshire,PE27
15 Acres

The Big Pit – Theale Lagoon

Sulhamstead,Reading,West Berkshire,RG7 4AJ
450 Acres

Cedar lake Park Farm Fishery

Finchingfield Rd,Steeple Bumpstead,Essex,CB9 7EA
2.8 Acres

Heather Lake Park Farm Fishery

21 Queen Edith Dr,Steeple Bumpstead,Essex,CB9 7ER
2.5 Acres

Cawcutts Lake Embryo Angling

Cambridge,Impington,Cambridgeshire,CB4 2FU
10 Acres


Station Rd,Theale,West Berkshire,RG7 4AU
15 Acres

Vinnetrow – Chichester

Chichester Lakeside Holiday Park,Chichester,Vinnetrow Rd,PO20 1EJ
12 Acres

The Rise Essex Carp Syndicate

Colchester,Langley Green,Colechester,
4 Acres

The Mill Essex Carp Syndicate

Sandford Mill Ln,Great Baddow,Essex,
9 Acres

Carp Lakes Near Me?

Carpworld is an extensive, digital resource that provides information about different carp fishing lakes and fisheries near me. Carpworld is both national and international, including an assortment of lakes, ponds, and reservoirs that are famed for their carp fishing prospects.

The primary goal of the carp lake finder is to make the search for the ideal carp fishing venue simpler and more efficient. Whether you’re an amateur angler or an experienced fisherman, Carpworld can save you precious time and help you make informed decisions about your next fishing trip.

Information about carp fisheries

Carpworld offers a modern well-curated carp lake & fishery directory that is exhaustive and detailed, offering in-depth information about various carp lakes & fisheries. Here are some of the essential details a carp lake directory should provide:

  1. Location: We clearly mention the physical location of the lake, including its address and GPS coordinates. This will assist anglers in planning their journey and estimating travel times.

  2. Lake Specifications: Details about the lake’s size, depth, and topography are crucial for carp fishing. Knowing the lake’s contours and depths can significantly enhance an angler’s success rate.This is coming soon.

  3. Amenities: Information about available facilities, such as parking, bait shops, accommodations, and sanitary facilities, can greatly impact the choice of a fishing location.

  4. Contact Information: Having the contact details for the lake’s management or local fishing clubs can be invaluable for resolving any queries or doubts.

  5. User Reviews and Ratings: These give an insight into the experiences of other anglers at that location, providing a more holistic view of the lake’s potential.

Importance of Carp lake finder

In the vast world of carp fishing, Carpworld serves as a compass. It not only directs you to the best fishing lakes but also provides invaluable information to tailor your fishing strategy. By bridging the gap between anglers and fishing locations, a carp lake directory is instrumental in ensuring a successful and enjoyable carp fishing experience.

In conclusion, Carpworld is a must-have resource for any carp angler. It is a gateway to an unforgettable angling adventure, connecting carp anglers with ideal lakes and ensuring they have all the information necessary for a their trip. Whether you’re embarking on your first carp fishing trip or your fiftieth, Carpworld is your trusted guide to navigating the dynamic and thrilling world of carp fishing.

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